There are a lot of forms of martial arts around the world. These forms of martial arts have various purposes. There are forms of martial arts that will enable you to become a fighter and improve your offensive skills. However, you’ve got to keep in mind that not all martial arts are for fighting.  

There are a lot of martial arts Washington out there that offer martial arts classes for self-defense. If you want to know how to defend yourself in a dangerous situation, here are a couple of martial arts you should learn. 


This form of martial art has been utilized as a main self-defense technique for a lot of years. The sport comes with an extremely tough defense system and form. Judo aims at improving the strength of all parts of the body. A judo professional can easily force the enemy to give up using critical blows and swift movements of the body. Proper use of techniques and practice can make any person mastering judo almost invincible. You will certainly dominate your enemy with excellent hand-eye coordination and balance.  

Muay Thai 

This form of martial art utilizes knees, elbows, punches, and kicks to bring down your opponent. You can use Muay Thai to counter any form of opponent that you’ve got. Aside from that, this form of martial art is a certain way to allow you to counter the methods that your opponent uses. You’ll be able to land extremely fast blows and strikes. This will render your opponent to break down.  


This form of martial art will test your endurance. Wrestling should be your go-to martial art if you want to last long in a fight. Aside from that, it trains you to maintain and endure. You’ve got to stand firm on your feet in a fight. Also, the training includes maintaining your balance. Wrestling will train you on how to bring down your opponent in the form of submission while also keeping your posture.  

Well, amateur wrestling focuses more on knocking down the opponent. But, you’ll also learn the art of chokes and joint locks if you train professionally. The game is simply done if you get your hands on your enemy using these locks. Training for a couple of months will enable you to take down any enemy. That’s why it’s ideal for self-defense.  


According to martial artists, a person who is professionally trained with jiu-jitsu is considered deadly. This form of martial art does not simply teach you how to bring down your enemy on the ground. It will also teach you how to render your enemy immobile. A jiu-jitsu professional can force their enemy into submission easily. The fighter can’t be taken down once on the ground. The grip is hard to break. You’ll certainly know that no street fighter can beat you if you train for a couple of years in jiu-jitsu. However, before you can take your enemy down on the ground, you’ve got to remember that you’ll have to master the methods. Because of this, it is ideal to cross-train.